Monday, August 26, 2019

The Week That Was: Aug. 25, 2019

Welcome back to The Week That Was, where we have just experienced our last weekend until February with neither the NFL nor Grand Slam tennis.


FC Dallas, formerly known as the Dallas Burn, played its 200th nationally-televised MLS game on Sunday night against the Houston Dynamo.

Dallas is the sixth or seventh team to that milestone; ironically, Houston is the team in question, depending on whether you count the Dynamo (2006-present) as an expansion team or the successor to the 1996-2005 San Jose entry.

Please send help as we have devolved into bookkeeping minutiae.

(This section eagerly awaits the return of football season, where every game is televised and we are two weeks from invoking the name of Frank Gifford.)

Database Updates:

Oct. 18, 1987: Dave Lapham replaces Dave Casper on the Browns-Bengals telecast for NBC. Jay Randolph was the PBP man. 506sports user ak482 does the digging here.

This Week in the Tennis Section:

The year's fourth major begins in Flushing Meadows, New York, and the grounds are pretty much packed for the first four days with 64 matches per day. Novak Djokovic is guaranteed the no. 1 men's ranking at the end of the fortnight while any one of four women could do the deed.

Serena Williams vs. Maria Sharapova is the marquee first-round match; ESPN is plugging that coverage for 7:45 Monday night.

ESPN has the television rights. Daytime coverage is on the mothership every day except Saturday, while primetime is split between ESPN2 (Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday) and ESPN (Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday).

This Week on the Playoff of Dreams:

We move to 1912. Boston and Chicago meet in the American League while Chicago and Pittsburgh play out the string for the right to meet the New York Giants.

The Week That Will Be:

Monday, Aug. 26
3:00 -- YouTube -- Braves at Rockies
7:00 -- ESPN -- Cardinals at Brewers
10:00 -- ESPN -- Yankees at Mariners

Tuesday, Aug. 27
7:00 -- MLBN -- Cubs at Mets
10:00 -- FS1 -- Rangers at Angels

Wednesday, Aug. 28
None scheduled.

Thursday, Aug. 29
7:00 -- FS1 -- USWNT vs. Portugal at Philadelphia

Friday, Aug. 30
7:00 -- MLBN -- Athletics at Yankees

Saturday, Aug. 31
6:00 -- FS1 -- Mets at Phillies

Sunday, Sept. 1
1:00 -- TBS -- Athletics at Yankees
6:00 -- FS1 -- Sounders vs. Galaxy
7:00 -- ESPN -- Mets at Phillies

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