Some of these are underway. Some of these are planned. Some may never actually happen. Some probably should never happen. Very few combinations of these categories are mutually exclusive.
  • The Playoff of Dreams: Each Major League Baseball season since 1901, re-imagining the number of divisions and thereby printing money with more playoff games. (Don't literally print money; that's illegal.)
  • National television statistics: if you tuned in to professional sports on TV, who did you see? This will be one of the more common topics at least for now, since large parts of the data are already compiled.
  • The beautiful game in one place: we already have a listing of every competitive international soccer match from 2014 to 2018, complete with TV details and notes about Fibonacci numbers. It's a good bet that this will extend backward (and forward too, I guess), but how much?
  • Exploratory extension of European soccer concepts into American sports: promotion and relegation? The Champions League? These are included not out of a sense of superiority one way or the other, but in the vein that they represent alterations of the paradigms in which we're used to watching sports.
  • The Red-Headed League: Taking after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which set of chromatic plumage gives you the best All-Star team?
  • Scoreboards.
  • Tournament brackets.
  • Standings.
  • Extra innings (overtimes, green-white-checkered finishes, shootouts...)
  • Rain delays.
  • Assorted other things, most of which came to mind in the wee hours of the morning.

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