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Below you can find the most frequent national television announcers for each of the four major sports, including both American and Canadian NHL crews. The databases on this page would not be possible without the efforts of the late John Moynihan, Tim Brulia, Jimmy Delach, Jeff Haggar, J.P. Kirby and several others.

The data below is tabulated from the annual pages at The 506 Sports Archive, which come from the original forum threads that spawned these lists. You can discuss changes to these lists at The 506 Sports Discord server.




NHL (American)

NHL (Canadian)

NHL (Combined totals; a single broadcast that airs in both USA and Canada only counts once)

Totals in all four American lists

Totals in all five lists (a single NHL broadcast that airs in USA and Canada only counts once)

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  1. Great work with this site. Was wondering who's the leading play by play voice if you combine totals across sports? From looking at the list Marv Albert, Dick Stockton, Kevin Harlan & Kenny Albert all have over 1000 games. Lists don't include Stockton on MLB which would boost his number and I'd guess Al Michaels would be close? But he doesn't make your top 16s outside NFL. Thanks!

    1. Through Oct. 14, 2018...
      1. 1711 - Bob Cole (1711 NHL/Canada)
      2. 1416 - Dick Stockton (618 NBA, 605 NFL, 191 MLB, 2 NHL-US)
      3. 1377 - Marv Albert (1045 NBA, 297 NFL, 34 NHL-US, 5 MLB)
      4. 1189 - Gary Thorne (784 NHL, 405 MLB)
      5. 1176 - Jim Hughson (1168 NHL/Canada, 8 NHL/US*)
      6. 1111 - Kevin Harlan (700 NBA, 411 NFL)
      7. 1019 - Danny Gallivan (1019 NHL/Canada)
      8. 1017 - Chris Cuthbert (923 NHL/Canada, 94 NHL/US*)
      9. 1012 - Kenny Albert (397 NFL, 386 MLB, 229 NHL-US)
      10. 964 - Mike Emrick (955 NHL-US, 7 NFL, 1 MLB, 1 NHL/Canada*)
      11. 950 - Al Michaels (647 NFL, 263 MLB, 37 NBA, 3 NHL-US)
      12. 915 - Joe Buck (576 MLB, 339 NFL)

      *This list only counts a given NHL game once if it was shown in both the U.S. and Canada -- that's how Cuthbert only has 923 Canadian NHL games credited here, for example, when the Canadian NHL listing shows him with 933.

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