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The Week That Was: July 21, 2019

Welcome back to The Week That Was, where we hope you have a happy Reciprocal Pi Day on Monday. (Monday's date is 7/22, the reciprocal of which is 22/7, which is 3.14 to two decimal places.)


As sometimes happens in the summer when only baseball is adding to its list, there were no milestones to report this week. (In the proto-database stage, no MLS milestones of note, either.)

Database Updates:

Moved Broncos-Chiefs of October 6, 1974, forward from 4:00 ET to 2:00 ET based on the Montreal Gazette.

The analyst for the Broncos-Raiders game on December 26, 1982, has been corrected from Merlin Olsen to Gene Washington. 506sports user 49ersrock has the tape.

Made several updates to NBA sideline reporters, thanks to Classic TV Sports honcho Jeff Haggar watching YouTube:

  • May 7, 1989: Added Tim Brant to Sonics-Lakers
  • May 20, 1989: Replaced Pat O'Brien with James Brown on Suns-Lakers
  • May 21, 1989: Replaced James Brown with Lesley Visser on Bulls-Pistons
Added Canadiens-Islanders to the Canadian NHL listings on Jan. 30, 1988, per a promo on Penguins-Canadiens the previous week. It was a CBC regional telecast, in other words Hockey Night in Canada, with Dick Irvin and Brian McFarlane. 506sports user sew091472 with the find.

Added Canadiens-Penguins to the Canadian NHL listings on Oct. 14, 1989. The CBC regional telecast was called by Dick Irvin and John Garrett with Chris Cuthbert on intermissions. 506sports user garretta with the find.

The Mets-Reds game on May 28, 1990, was rained out. We have removed this from our database, subtracting one game each from Jon Miller and Joe Morgan.

The ESPN baseball doubleheader of August 3, 1990, was listed on August 2 in our database. This has been corrected.

The Expos-Mets game on Sept. 19, 1990, was rained out. Gary Thorne and Norm Hitzges are no longer credited with this game.

The Reds-Mets game on Aug. 20, 1991, was rained out. Bob Carpenter and Billy Sample were the scheduled announcers.

The Angels-Rangers game on Sept. 18, 1991, and the Red Sox-Orioles game a week later were both rained out. Paul Olden and Bill Robinson have been removed from the announcer listings.

This Date In History:

Thursday, July 25 will mark 15 years since Jon Miller passed Dizzy Dean for the most national MLB telecasts by a play-by-play announcer. Dean had held the record from 1953 until that day in 2004. Rick Sutcliffe and Sam Ryan rounded out the crew for that Yankees-Red Sox game on ESPN; Joe Morgan was at the Hall of Fame induction.

This Week in the Tennis Section:

The BB&T Atlanta Open, in exactly the city you'd expect to host the Atlanta Open.

This Week on the Playoff of Dreams:

The 1910 League Championship Series get underway with the Giants meeting the Cubs and the Athletics facing the Tigers.

The Week That Will Be:

Monday, July 22
7:00 -- ESPN -- Red Sox at Rays

Tuesday, July 23
12:30 -- YouTube -- Indians at Blue Jays

Wednesday, July 24
8:00 -- ESPN -- Yankees at Twins

Thursday, July 25
7:00 -- MLBN -- Red Sox at Yankees

Friday, July 26
7:00 -- MLBN -- Red Sox at Yankees
7:30 -- FS1 -- NYCFC vs. Sporting KC
10:00 -- ESPN -- LAFC vs. Atlanta United

Saturday, July 27
4:00 -- FS1 -- Yankees at Red Sox
7:00 -- FS1 -- Astros at Cardinals
10:30 -- FS1 -- Timbers vs. Galaxy

Sunday, July 28
1:30 -- TBS -- Dodgers at Nationals
7:00 -- ESPN -- Yankees at Red Sox

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